We are glad to welcome you at "Security Diamond Services".

SDS is proud to announce that we have definitively turned our services to be security only. This is due to security being our core business. Due to the quality of our experts. Due to the needs in Asia. Security is a fully integrated concept that must be advised by the best. 


At both national and international levels, our experts have taken part in various crisis management during their times of duty in special and external operations. 


Security remains our priority and you can rest assured that are you choosing the best provider to advise, train, assist and support you. 


Our aim is to build long term relationships through efficient solutions and continuous support. 

Having global security is a process that establishes a synergy between all security means. A burglar targets robbing diamonds differently to robbing a bakery, therefore it would be useless to strengthen your infrastructure, or to install 100 cameras that can only be reviewed with your 2 eyes. 


The global security process recognizes your vulnerabilities, which are based on various criteria. These are acknowledged by our experts who are seen as the only security graduates in Asia. During their 30 years spent doing their career, they were able to acquire all knowledge that has led to this expertise of excellency. For this reason, we accept solely those who are ex-militaries from both French elite corps and special operations, of which have the following: 

  • At least 15 years of experience.

  • Graduated in security skills (commando leader, intervention instructor, investigation police officer ...).

  • No longer a part of the army.

  • The 5 last evaluations with no defect.

Security ensures inviolability of the site, as well as preservation against malicious acts. 


Safety is the prevention and reaction to preserve lives in domestic or expanded accidents and incidences. 


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