The diplomat may be spied on and the diamond dealer can be threatened.

Likewise, the shop window of this diamond dealer, the students in a school or the swimming pool in a hotel reveal various kind of risks. Risk analysis must therefore be evaluated on a case-by-case to adjust the required protection level and costs.


SDS has an overall 360-degree vision and understands your needs quickly. A first evaluation consists of:

·       Designing the main concept of your future security.

·       Personalize the bits of help, visuals and deterrence.

·       Adapting operational and technological equipment.

·       Regulating and educating resources in order to respect security.


Utilization of this integrated concept results in the development of permanent trust that is always closer to you, and excellence is always guaranteed. 


A screenswall blinds the guard and camera never chase a thief. The event is managed by men,
men are powerless with no means and their actions obey to rules ... 
This triptych: "man-means-rules" establish a synergy. It is the foundation for crisis management
and permits to reach a high-efficiency level. 

Our guards can speak English, trained in computing, or have any specific skill you need.
They have full law requirement and are registered as full-time workers at SDS. Moreover, they
benefit of all social rights and more. Our guards like to work with us ...

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