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Safety & Security Counselor

"Ten years of Police Officer Experience in France. Holder of the prestigious anti-criminality Police exam. Networking manager and safety counsellor, I'm now bringing my entire knowledge and experience to daily safety in Asia."

Born in the southeast of France, I'm the holder of a "Baccalaureat" in Safety Security, and I've been quickly involved in safety duties. After the successful exam at 18 years old, I joined the State French Police School in Nîme.


After one year of learning, I moved to Nice for my first position as a police officer in the immigration department. Two years later, I have been assigned to the general police department where I discovered and learned daily safety, criminality prevention and crisis management. Face diversified cases and needs, I followed the firefighter training as a volunteer firefighter. In the meantime, I succeeded the AID level 1 & 2, and firefighter team certificate & fire prevention. In 2011, just before flying to Thailand, I succeeded the Police exam of the Anti criminality department.


During my 12 years in Thailand, I've developed and enlarged my competencies by reading and learning online. I have spent many hours understanding safety in Asia, the way Thai Police work to prevent criminality, and the common spirit of security, especially in Thailand. Thus, I thought about why it is so different from European countries and its approach is so divergent.


Today I'm able to adapt my competencies and my knowledge to the Asia safety environment and separate the risk and the management.


I am currently employed as a networking manager & safety counsellor at Security Diamond Services Co Ltd, where I found the same spirit regarding security and vision. Every day I can develop my experience by implementing genuine protection for the pleasure of noting that our customers are always delighted by this new vision from a safety professional.

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