In Spinoza’s Ethics, freedom seems to not have any place in the absolute and necessary order of causality. 

In Spinoza’s philosophy occurs the most strict identification between cause, its reason, and nature. The cause is the reason, the reason is the why, and the effect is the result of things in an unpredicted or unpredictable causality chain.


Security follows the same concept. Whatever event happens is the consequence of a chain broke. This broke happens most of the time by a misapprehension in the conceptualization of the security chain.

Risk is an average suspicion of possible causes. Threats are the real potential of negative events that could happen following a weak security concept. 

If we do a parallel between philosophy and alchemy, security and spirit, it matches because effects always follow causes.

The security concept a temple where you will be safe and quiet. It needs to obey the four elements as earth, water, air, and fire and so, the structure where everything is, the human as the strength of action, the rules as the guide of behavior, and technology so volatile.


The executives have to consider this spirit otherwise, the cause will be the lack of regards and the consequence ... the tears!


Security never gives a second chance.


To know more about Spinoza:,_attributes,_and_modes


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