Intelligente Analyse Video to reinforce security



The first measure of protection of a site, apart from its permeability, lies in the quality of its information searching. When JAGUAR's military might not be needed, EKUBE is the perfect companion.


Perfectly suited for perimeter detection, it provides a turnkey solution to detect any prohibited presence near your facilities.


Like JAGUAR, it alerts directly and remotely automatically to your team and even to SDS according to the contracts.

E-KUBE is installed specifically for:

  • § Perimeter protection of schools and businesses

  • § Presence detection prohibited in sensitive areas

  • § Detection of people in hazardous areas such as swimming pools

  • § Monitoring of storage areas exposed to fire and overheating

  • § Detection of raiding and other storage thefts


IP cameras, ultra-sound, and AIV (Advanced Intelligent Video) increase human capacity when vigilance must be absolute. Swimming pools, for instance, may cause tragedies and many accidents occur every year.


E-KUBE, which is distributed in Asia through SDS is revolutionary and is the sole reliable detection technology. E-KUBE identifies and alerts thanks to its powerful "Jaguar" program which is used by high-risk military missions.


With its cutting-edge protection capacity, E-KUBE thoroughly secures whatever area you choose. Thanks to our experts' know-how, its powerful potential will be deployed to benefit your tranquillity.

Thanks to our operator officers, all events will be sent to SDS and we advise in real-time the guards but not only. Thanks to our operator officers, all events will be sent to SDS and we advise in real-time the guards but not only. 


According to the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) signed, they can manage the team in place, call a designated staff or even call the rescues emergency or other help regarding the immediate situation.

SDS does not only provide the guards. SDS fully takes charge of all your security concerns from the human resources to the operations. You can quietly concentrate on your main duty without any worries.

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