Executive Operational Security

To deploy a security team permits the offer of concrete solutions in real-time, but mostly increases the workload of managers who directly deal with them.

It why our security teams are always led by an Executive Operational Security. He is your safety advisor for all operational responses and stays linked to SDS for human and material resources in real-time.

EOS is your security manager/advisor and reinforces you by allowing you to focus on your core duty.


Mastery of basic knowledge is paramount, it is accessible and will provide the necessary support. The EOS will sensitize them daily.


As a supervisor, a manager must ensure his or her actions follow a formal protocol and convey the information. His/her know-how is the basis of managerial credibility and legitimacy. The EOS will explain and train your manager in the security domain.


Communication is extremely important in crisis management. Detection and analysis permit reliable communication. The EOS, with the support of SDS, will give you crisis management expertise and provide you with a wide range of impact and action possibilities.

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