Expertise permits the evaluation of real threats instead of felting risks.

Our Risks Department Director



Head of SDS Security Department for 4 years, our expert has significant international experience.


During his 30 years in “Gendarmerie” (elite corps in the French army with civilian police missions), our expert worked in various security domains abroad, especially in sensitive and peacekeeping operations.

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Audits are never to be seen as judgments.


With many years of high-level experience, SDS fully masters the specifications and perhaps at times, an unusual approach in security and crisis management.


Audits permit to highlight the gap between the felt risk and the real threat.



Along these 30 years he was:


- For 6 years, Chief of Operational Security at the French Embassy in Thailand.


- For 6 years, was in the various peacekeeping operations in the UN such as:

Joint Mission Analyse Information Manager (CPB - RPB - Crisis management in Haiti)

Regional Commander in Haiti (Protection and organization against kidnapping)

Regional Commander in Chad (Protection of refugees camp and UN agencies)

Out Line Commander in Haiti (in charge of the 9 police operational regions, SRSG advisor)


- For 4 years, Security Officer in the French Embassy in Manama (Bahrain)


- For 5 years in various missions around the world

(Guyana, Polynesia, New Caledonia, Algeria, Bahrain, Chad ...)


- For 6 years, was on an Intervention Team.


- For 2 years, was Logistical Manager of sensitive equipment.


Recognized and experienced, he is a graduate of:

Commando with specialty “assault”.

Special Intervention Technician in the Jungle.

Professional Intervention Manager

Higher Qualification in Security / Safety

Crisis Management

Asia safety and security for worldwide Companies ...


To evaluate the risks, your knowledge, and the site implementation to determine the ability to achieve your project or your expansion in confidence. 

This audit, which especially focuses on crisis management through watchers and field sensors, aims to determine the possibilities to adapt and face a crisis situation.

It is a before and after building.


Combines Conformity and a global security standard, usually requested by the Head Offices, or the specifications.


SURVEY is the perfect line between knowledge and security requirements.


This evaluation is based on two complementary phases of security:

1 - The efficiency in crisis management and the respect for security/safety implementation.

2 - The management of zones and their implementation, thus allowing border reinforcement, access control, and CCTV between various areas under perfect control.


Essentially on-site, this audit has to be done after, at least, a SURVEY audit to define the operational security/safety to be installed. 

This audit includes as well:

  1. The financial planning according to the recommendations.

  2. The scope of work with the upgrading step by step.

  3. The implementation priorities especially fitted to the site.

  4. 4 - In case of a new project, a pre-security, and full follow-up.

We are specialized in security/safety audits. Project modification or new project as well as reinforcement of capacity to secure a site, we can adapt our proposal to any request.


Feel free to explain your project and concerns, our aim will be to find the right answer adapted to your needs.

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