YJAGUAR, the most powerful of all the Analytic Intelligent Video Detection is distributed by SDS in ASIA.

Discover the first video made by SDS.

Our expert advises and guides you to profite of the full possibilities you JAGUAR watcher,

Your security guards can find the best support with JAGUAR and you will be warned in any case ...

Your EKUBE permits to have an open eye at all time.

The swimming pool in the hotel is very dangerous and cost a lot in case of an accident.

Do not let a mistake ruin your image, your career, your life, get ready at all the time and do not let any intrusion in your life.

EKUBE is your watcher at all time and SDS will asist you in any case.

A video to explain how a crisis can happen...

The full lesson is given by our expert during the classroom.

  • Plug and play detection solution

  • Fully guided web set-up

  • Detection range super seeding embedding analytics by 50%+

  • Compatible with all ONVIF cameras (visible and thermal)

  • Automatic filtering of climatic perturbations (light changes, clouds, rain, snow, vegetation)

  • System resistant to difficult conditions (fog, hidden individuals, camera vibrations)

  • Integrated alarm check web interface

  • Direct integration towards supervisors and remote monitoring stations

What is the full security concept?

To have some guards is not enough if they do not know how to act, if they have no equipment, if the rules are not clear and if they work unsafety.

SDS explains how to set a real security concept to feel perfectly safe for you and your enterprise.


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