- Highlight security
- Provide fitted 
-Treat both Owners and Directors.



Our audits are never to be seen as "fault-finding". With many years of high-level experience, SDS fully masters the specifications and perhaps at times, an unusual approach to security and crisis-management in Asia.



An audit is always achieved through both inspecting and teaching the site's staff on modus operandi according to their plan.

It's why almost 100% of the audited teams obtained the label "success".

Our aim is to inform and reinforce your knowledge, thus you can display you good intentions to secure your site, where the first step is crisis management.
This is called the "liability-shift".



Out by an external and objective firm, an audit throws light on your strengths and weaknesses and enhances your security.

It identifies:


  • Site of risk and vulnerabilities mapping;

  • Your specifications list;

  • Operational and technological contributions.

  • Technical enhancements for your site;

  • New competencies for your team;

  • Your desired and achievable protection level.

  • Setting up bespoke security.

  • Responsibility transfer in case of crisis.


With a constant creative approach and full-field knowledge, the SDS expert assists you in optimizing your solutions with a single objective: targeted, resilient and effective security.






Evaluates knowledge and ability to implement your own crisis management plan. Overall checking, and overview basic security, are performed solely as advice.
This audit, that especially focuses on crisis management aims to determine the capabilities of the committee in charge, and to adapt their knowledge to a real situation.
It also aims to detect one's real capacity to achieve tasks under immediate stress.



Combines SURVEY and a global security standard, usually requested by the Head Offices, or the specifications.
CRISOPS is the perfect line between knowledge and security requirement.

This evaluation is based on two complementary phases of security.

1 - The efficiency in crisis management essentially evaluated towards to the committee in charge.

2 - The management of zones and its implementation, thus allowing borders reinforcement, access control and CCTV between various areas.



This is a full security audit. It contains a SURVEY audit, a CRISOPS audit, more additional assessments to help you to understand and achieve you upgraded. It also includes  3 hours of training (*) on a module of your choice.


1 - Financial planning.

2 - Layout to establish the upgrading.

3 - The implementations priorities.

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