Head of SDS Security Department for 4 years, our expert has a large international experience.
During his 30 years in “Gendarmerie” (elite corps in the French army with civilian police missions), our expert worked in some various security domains abroad, especially in sensitive and peacekeeping operations.

Along these 30 years he was:
- 6 years Chief of Operational Security at the French Embassy in Thailand.

- 6 years in the various peacekeeping operation in the UN such as:

    Joint Mission Analysing Information Manager (CPB - RPB - Crisis management in Haiti)

    Regional Commander in Haiti (Protection and organisation against kidnapping)

    Regional Commander in Chad (Protection of refugees camp and UN agencies)

    Outlying Commander in Haiti (in charge of the 9 police operational regions, SRSG advisor)

- 4 years Security Officer in the French Embassy in Manama (Bahrain)

- 5 years in various missions around the world (Guyana, Polynesia, New Caledonia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia ...)

- 6 years as Intervention Technician (commando or Black Tigers in Thailand).

- 2 years as Logistical Manager sensitive equipment.

... / ...   

Recognized and experienced, he is graduated of:

Diploma of Commando with speciality “assault”.

Diploma of Special of Intervention in Jungle.

Diploma of Professional Intervention Instructor

Diploma of Higher Qualification in Security

... / ...



Audits are never to be seen as judgements.

With many years of high-level experience, SDS fully masters the specifications and perhaps at times, an unusual approach in security and crisis management.

Audits permit to highlight the gap between the feeling risk and the real threat.



Out by an external and objective firm, an audit throws light on your strengths and weaknesses and enhances your security.

It identifies:


  • Site of risk and vulnerabilities mapping;

  • Your specifications list;

  • Operational and technological contributions.

  • Technical enhancements for your site;

  • New competencies for your team;

  • Your desired and achievable protection level.

  • Setting up bespoke security.

  • Responsibility transfer in case of crisis.



An audit is always achieved through inspectings sites, controlling types of equipment, of evaluating staffs and implementing courses and training all level of security actors on modus operandi on site.


Our aim is to inform and reinforce your knowledge, it's why almost 100% of the audited teams obtained the label "success.


Thanks to the audit, you can display your involvement to secure the site. This the first crisis management step called means obligation.


Any fault is explainable, but the unconcern is not ...






Evaluates knowledge and ability to implement your own crisis management plan. Overall checking, and overview basic security, are performed solely as advice.

This audit, that especially focuses on crisis management aims to determine the capabilities of the committee in charge, and to adapt their knowledge to a real situation.

It also aims to detect one's real capacity to achieve tasks under immediate stress.



Combines SURVEY and a global security standard, usually requested by the Head Offices, or the specifications.
CRISOPS is the perfect line between knowledge and security requirement.

This evaluation is based on two complementary phases of security.

1 - The efficiency in crisis management essentially evaluated towards to the committee in charge.

2 - The management of zones and its implementation, thus allowing borders reinforcement, access control and CCTV between various areas.





This is a full security audit.

It contains a SURVEY audit, a CRISOPS audit, more additional assessments to understand and achieve your upgrading to real management of security on site such as:


3 hours of general security training for your team.

2 hours of deep learning on CCTV setting and implementation​

​3 hours in crisis management understanding based on Economic Intelligence


The audit will include as well:

1 - The financial planning according to the recommendations.

2 - The layout to establish the upgrading step by step.

3 - The implementations priorities especially fitted to the site.

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