Structural security is the complete security of all burglary sensitive parts of your property, such as exterior doors, windows, skylights and walls or façade structures.

This architectural security is a key component in an overall successful security system. With good architectural security and sectorizing of your premises can help keep burglars out.


The risk is the average potential estimated for latent danger, due to a global environment and regular circumstances. The risk is usually regular and constant.


The threat is more direct and takes includes current events and fluctuations, it is more precise and evolving, even sometimes volatile.


Intruders indeed know in a matter of seconds, how to find the weaknesses and exploit them. So good structural security with additional equipment, is most of the time enough but remain indispensable. 


What good is a professional bulletproof door if your wall is made with gypsum? For that reason, we recommend a total solution that ensures protection against threats for as long as possible


IP cameras, ultra-sound and AIV (Advanced Intelligent Video) increase human capacity when vigilance must be absolute. Swimming pools, for instance, may cause tragedies and many accidents occur every year. 



E-KUBE, which is distributed in Asia through SDS is revolutionary and is the sole reliable detection technology. E-KUBE identifies and alerts thanks to its powerful "Jaguar" program which is used by high-risk military missions. 



With its cutting-edge protection capacity, E-KUBE thoroughly secures whatever area you choose. Thanks to our experts' know-how, its powerful potential will be deployed to benefit your tranquillity.

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