Active security warrants the free will

Although it is acknowledged as useful, security in Asia is generally seen of secondary importance because it is often too abstract or confusing.


A diplomat may be spied upon and a diamond dealer threatened. Likewise, the window of jewelry, students of a school, or the swimming pool of a hotel may reveal various types of hazards.


Risk assessments allow rational use of means and costs to ensure optimum protection.


A wall of screens blinds watchmen and a surveillance camera doesn't catch thieves. Tools are managed by humans, humans are powerless without them and their actions must follow rules. This "humans-tools-rules" trifecta is always implemented because it is the very principle of effective security and therefore the very basis of crisis management.

We have the possibility of providing guards who are English speakers, trained in computer technology, or any other specific relevant competency. Our security officers have all received compulsory and legal

training and are SDS full-time employees. As such, they have full social coverage and other benefits.


Your needs must be ranked through a 360° vision. SDS designs personalized and adaptable, operational, technological, and regulatory training methods so as to ensure excellence and develop a trusting, permanent and ever-closer business relationship.

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