Safety & Security

Executive Counselor

Last and actual positions

2016 - Today: Safety & Security Executive Counselor

  • Consultant to Accor Hotel group Asia-Pac.
    Developed tailor-made security safety audits. Developed tailor-made security tools to train and guide.

  • Consultant to Geos group Asia-Pac.
    Achieve security and safety audits on behalf of the international European groups.

  • Project management of security for offices, Embassies, hotels, and sensitive areas at various International schools.

  • Advisor to Thai Government on high technology in sensitive areas.

2010 – 2016: Head of Security & Safety - French Embassy Bangkok.

  • Operational safety of the Embassy's premises.

  • Loss and prevention Counselor.

  • Warden network manager.

  • Responsible for crisis management and shock facing.

  • Advisor for French businesses and schools in Thailand.

  • Advisor to European Union Council.

2008 – 2010: Regional Coordinator Chad / Goz Beida.

  • Regional leadership to secure UN agencies and NGOs’ working environment.

  • Liaison between UNPol and local authorities.

  • Coordinate between Military Pillar, Police Unit, and UNPol.

  • Project management of joined UN actions (UNICEF, UNOCHA, UNHCR, UNPOL).

  • Co-Founder of the UNPol / Chad Police Integrated Security Plan (PIS).

  • Intelligence gathering / Risk assessments / Security audits.

Previous assignments with U. N. (seconded by French Government)

  • 2006: Director Operations UN (Outline commander) - Haiti
    Organizing and implementing joint missions with Haitian authorities.

  • 2005: Regional Commander UN - Haiti
    Develop and nurture relationships with Haitian authorities.
    Secure the difficult and unstable area of Gonaives.