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The watchers

Modules approach

Strategic Intelligence and its contextual module allow us to approach the heart of the subject; the "watchers". The collection of information is organized and is therefore sectored. We do not always distinguish the difference between "watchers" and "survey". The latter is a surveillance action and is active, and operational on site.

The "watcher" is mainly interested in information in a defined field of activity.

Most of the time, monitored by outsourcing companies, "watcher" is subject of periodic reports with alerts when any significant information (high or low signals) is detected.

Awakening time ...

"Watcher" is usually not a full-time activity. Its precision requires specialists in order to have achievements. The costs of which, would be exorbitant for an SME in the light of the expected/ obtained results. Economic intelligence is a thinking process. As a recipe, each chosen on this basis, seasonings to add or subtract. Many "watchers" are therefore carried out by specialists because of the specific needs in the various defined fields of action.

Competitive “watcher”

Knowing about competitors’ products or services is essential. The market responds to demand. Therefore, the idea is not to find the best solution, but it is to simply determine precisely all that is better with the others. This is easier if you know how to observe, listen and challenge himself. It’s competitive "watchers". It can be entrusted to organizations such as a Chamber of Commerce, that are neutral and specifically competent.

Technical “watcher”

Make a business reliable, efficient, faster with controlled losses is an aim. Technological advances are making it possible to discover new methods of processing production, the transmission of information or even transport. This continuous learning turns out a high added value in training is the “technical watcher”.

This particular attention is fully in the field of internal research. An external organization can also respond to this demand. But this is a daily "watcher" of each moment, unconsciously which takes attention and professional conscience. Businesses coaches can do this follow-up.

Juristic « watcher »

In 2014, the law about security companies changed abruptly. More than 2,000 SMEs of "guard resources" were affected by the obligation of the word "SECURITY" in their title, to buy a special a license and the obligation for each employee to be a graduated at police courses. Of course, insurers' reactions were quick and many companies closed their doors. DEH quickly became SDS thanks to its quality juristic "watcher".

Commercial “watcher”

To ensure its longevity, a company needs to stay on step ahead on the news and know the responses to the essential questions. If it's easy, everyone does it. The strength and low signals are one of the key of this commercial "watcher". We have to decompose these signals in each sector and secure from basic information to the final analysis despite that these signals usually come from volatile data of the market.

Influence "watcher" and crisis ...

A crisis can occur after a serious or harmless incident. It results in increasing difficulty at work which can be initiated by various problems. Usually, most of these obstacles are going inexorably to converge towards the worst loss: the image.

The crisis is not linked to the gravity o the event. Surprisingly, when you suffer the murderous assault of a madman, you will be considered as a victim. If you cause some mild food poisoning, you will be heavily pilloried.

This "watcher" often targets social networks and various open medias in close correlation with the treated subject. There is as well this "watcher" in the EI under another prism.

Influence "watcher" allows you to discover your e-reputation because public does not judge what, they judge why ... As a specialist in crisis management, SDS can help on this "watcher".

And next …

Many other "watchers" exist, and the main of intelligence is to give them a name to implement them. It is, therefore, this last "watcher" called ‘’ Influence’’ under the Strategic contextual module which is going to be developed in the next article number 4.


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