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The survey

The first module and its "watchers" are important domains of intelligence. The information collected in this first information search is simple because it does not require large means, but also complex because it can waste a considerable time when you do not clarify the aims. In order not to confuse this strategic influence "watcher" with the intelligence economic influence "watcher", we will rename it "ear watcher".

In the previous article, we were talking about negative and positive energies and this makes perfect sense now. This module of earing "watcher", this time requires very regular monitoring face to information which is vast, volatile and extensible.

Every internet user has at least once vented their anger on social networks and these writings are an integral part of what could become a major crisis in certain circumstances. This listening watch makes it possible to collect in real-time the various opinions expressed in a field, an activity and even at the location of a company.

Facebook, Trip-Advisor or Twitter and others. These various and immaterial places of sharing real emotions stir up and encourage misguidance and violence. Nonetheless, these platforms are an excellent means of intelligence gathering, and any business can easily passively collect feedback on it.

It is precisely this last facet that must be scrutinized because you will not have full control. Volatile or ephemeral, this information often leaves indelible traces. The stone injures more when it falls from higher. It is therefore important to have a vigilant watch over the networks that cover your skill spectrum, geographic or social, which could affect the life of the company. Climbing as close as possible to the source stops the kinetic and devastating effect of these cobblestones. Networks, as powerful as they are, remain subject to systematic suspicions of “fake”.

There are other supposedly credible networks that influence by their image of respectability and specialists. The Lancet medical journal was one of that influential famous press so difficult to counter. This type of press deals only with the broad public, so that is not what we will deal with here. Indeed, the companies concerned by this type of media have their own department to handle it. Indeed, a crisis can arise on the Internet, radiate to specialized newspapers, then be relaunched by a generalist press with large circulation before spreading in the public square by the most vivid of the presenters. It will be more difficult for the business to recover as the stone falls from so high.

It is therefore important to stay watchful of these Internet networks, the first vectors of lies, but also first whistleblowers and therefore of potential crisis. It is therefore important to exist on the web, even as a simple listener and watcher. A rough Twitt, a rowdy FaceBook, and presto the millions fly away ...

The listening "watcher" will be responsible for finding and tracking down posts which discredit the company. Is this require a full-time job? The watcher may become idle and keep the secrets to himself. Isn't a specialized company too expensive? Can a good geek buddy do the trick? Even mastering the internet, does he master the crisis management? Can the chief cook or the owner of a restaurant take in charge? Just after the rush of the evening, better to sleep than fight ...

Although SDS covers this service from forecasting to crisis management, we still are happy to share with you a few "tricks" which can maybe help you someday.

1 - A message left as a congratulation must be thanked.

2 - A neutral message needs to be thanked as well.

3 - A negative message must be analyzed in order to extract:

The harmfulness of the message

The risk of spread



Generationally … /…

The contaminant potential (share)

Facts' Accuracy

Possible writing's interpretation

The types of contribution

Analysis of reacting profiles

Correlation with customers

Spread rate… /…

4 - Dim the emotional aspects (beginner's test)

5 - Disengage passion character (goal of outsourcing)

6 - Generalize the message focus (posture)

7 - Gather the crisis constitutive folders …/…

This beginning of analysis is part of Listening. The appropriate responses will be explained in economic influence "watcher". This non-exhaustive list of the main actions to be applied makes it possible not to lend the flank to criticism or at least, the vital flank ...

We progress in our knowledge of intelligence and converge now towards the center, the jewel to protect at any price. It is the company itself. Securing its premises and information will, therefore, be the subject of the next article.


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