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Economic Intelligence, the beginning Economic intelligence or strategic intelligence? Two terms that already rout in the front of a form of elitism. When we talk about economic intelligence, we imagine a strange and mysterious universe reserved for elites. In reality, it's just a practical thought process to secure a company in terms of physical and financial risks. Let's go to the world of economic and strategic intelligence. The term "Business intelligence" means Economic Information. And the word information means indications. it is not spying at all …

Originally, a bit anyway Around 1950, the market resumed and some businessmen already have a conquering vision. They quickly target their competitors in promising sectors. The methods of "Al Capone" are exceeded, attacks are more and more discreet or undercover, however, the information collected remains without great impacts. The goal is only to gain market shares. The goal goes to the ruining of leaders' reputations or cutting resources upstream. All blows are allowed. Methods are then refined, diversified, and power of persuasion occurs.

Methods and culture Intelligence about the industry has increased until it is able to reach the highest victims possible at the highest responsibility. Thus, they become more vulnerable, and the way to gain this information becomes more and more discreet. Crime is difficult to be proven.

Step by step In 70s / 80s: Japan, the United States, and other countries established agreements about economic intelligence. In 1972 (Japan & USA), the first major agreement with the adoption of law 72-593 was made. It protects against possible attacks on secrets perpetrated by spying acts. Other agreements followed...

Intelligence period In 1979, the various Ministers from multiple countries gave the essential impulses to raise awareness regarding Economic Intelligence. Most of the time, the intelligence general directorates will lead the Department of Economic Intelligence. This rapid history can be deepened on the many sites dealing with the subject. Economic intelligence, therefore, becomes the weapon to defend the interests of states and does so, by protecting their industries and businesses, including the smallest ones.

Specialists will then develop this concept at the top of the states, and next, raise awareness among SMEs. Means devoted are different depending on the needs and goals to be achieved. It is, therefore, a gamble won for most of the states since Economic Intelligence becomes a process of reflection, which is invited in the headquarters or the boards of directors, all the way up to the committees of SMEs.

Watchers It is these exact modules called "watchers", which form the clockwork of Economic and Strategic Intelligence. SDS is going to develop these points in the next articles.



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