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Best security services

Being in security is the state of being free from danger or threat.

Security is YES or NO because you feel safe or not. Safety never gives a second chance. Trust only the professionals.

SDS advises the highest level of the government sector and famous international groups for all kinds of enterprises or individuals.

SDS meets all specific cyber security and safety requirements with its European partners. Our expertise, associated with a financial saving goal, guides the customers to decide with full knowledge of their three main concerns: risks-budget-results.


The constant research in synergy between the four security’ pillars is the warranty of saving cost for the best result.


The technology is all the systems installed to organize, manage and reinforce the building and support the security officers in their protection mission and detection.


Militaries warrant the peace under the Constitution.
Police implement the region's law under justice.
Security Officers warrant the respect of S.O.P.

Deux hommes assis l’un en face de l’autre

(consultancy, audit, evaluation, advisory) is the upstream study for all the possibilities to implement the best security at the best price.

Un immeuble de bureaux aux façades vitrées

We call “building or structure” the overall site property. Security must base on this construction to organize technological and human deployment to secure the site in synergy.

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