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Based in Bangkok, the heart of Silom, SDS is a service provider specialising in security.


For over ten years, we have developed a vision that essentially turned to security, intending to offer a complete security concept. Based on international expertise, SDS achieves tailored site protection with European safety standards.  

Thanks to Thailand's peaceful and quiet atmosphere, security is usually a comfort service rather than a real need. Nevertheless, our vision of security and safety, due to our experience, is simple:

Security never gives a second chance. 

So, when we speak about security, we think of safety first.

We intend to highlight the importance of synergy between the four security pillars of a perfectly protected site. That's why our approach is different; it only focuses on safety. But the result is always better for cheaper.

Mastering is the key

Labour shortage often challenges most companies, mainly security. The customer is always the first impacted, needing an entire team and having only a few guards.

Salary, consideration, job precariously, and working conditions are the most demotivating factors increasing this problem in human resources.


SDS always oriented its strategy on efficiency, improving technology development to help and serve humans. Indeed, this strategy reduces human resources, allows security officers to learn genuine security concepts, and permits them to get a decent salary with better job recognition. In return, the employees feel better and more motivated to stay at work.


In most cases, SDS takes charge of the investment to upgrade the site in safety, and the customers quickly understand that quality concept is much better than the quantity.


Thanks to the long experience of security provided by its international experts, SDS proposes a service tailored to your needs, not a copy/paste of renting guards.
The return on investment is rapid, and the security quality is indisputable, out of your concern.

Thanks to its solid international experience with governments and high-level companies, SDS  implemented a unique and efficient concept:


  • We conduct a free audit of the site (risks, potential threats, actual security, crisis management, etc).

  • Structure survey (perimeters, accesses, flow organisation etc).

  • Passive security (CCTV, access control, alarms, alerts, etc).

  •  Active security (officers' numbers and skills to manage security according to means, rules, etc.).

  • Upgrading passive security on site under agreement with the customer.

  • Deployment and team integration.


The SDS goal is straight. 

SDS works only in security and is proud to be internationally recognized.

SDS gives its employees the best skills and work conditions to avoid human resources concerns.

SDS works only with the site needing security officers employed working as such.


This is why SDS has never lost any contract for more than twelve years.


Our team

Synergy is also the leading spirit of the administration. A cohesive team, multi-skilled and fast as possible to immediately answer and react to any request from our customers and employees.


CEO Founder Rachaneekorn Fowler is a PhD Management. Involved in security domains, she created SDS in 2012.

K Lek



FEO and Human Resources, Machimarolan is the Executive Manager for SDS administrative sectors.

K Nan


Computer and Network administration, K Alex designs and builds websites and cyber tools.

K Alex


CEO's Operation Officer, K Eed is in charge of storage, purchasing, visas, administration and dealing.

K Eed


With over 30 years in French Gendarmerie, Christophe mainly served in extreme conditions in external operations.




With over 12 years in French Police, Aurélien mainly served in anti-criminality and interventions.




With 17 years in French Special Forces, Cédric has been in many Diplomatic external operations.




Security is a fundamental right and should be affordable to anyone. SDS likes, through its articles, to vulgarize this confidential and almost mystic universe.

First, security is common sense. The knowledge of this means, such as cameras or access control, allows you to secure yourself. But if you need security for others, you better ask for professional experience to adapt means and humans to deploy in synergy.

SDS gives you, in these articles, some keys to understanding this particular universe of security.

Do you prefer staff dressed as security guards or securing your goods? Better call us!

They trusted SDS

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